We can help you implement strategic methodologies that will keep your website ahead of the competition.
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xSquare is a Singapore based web agency that has been helping small to medium scale businesses realize their goals for over a decade.

Our approach is simple. Establish who your direct competitors are, assess their tactics, look for weaknesses, and then come up with better strategies that will help your website zoom past theirs on local search results.

By allowing us to implement tested and proven future-proof methods and tactics on your website, you will see an increase in search visibility, lead acquisition, sales figures, social media engagement, and the ability to get your message across to a much wider audience.

We understand the hurdles you’re currently going through as you try to carve a niche for your business within the Singapore market.

Use our expertise to help you reach your goals.

Your Success Is Our Prime Objective​

We help Singapore SMB’s reach business milestones
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Website design, development & care

Your website is the face of your business. It is your virtual calling that allows your product or service to be seen by a global market that never sleeps.

An effective website does not only look great. It also needs to effectively convey your message across clearly while providing a positive browsing experience to its visitors.

Give us the opportunity to create and manage your business website, and we will create one that has great visuals, easy to navigate, and most importantly secure.

Data-driven SEO tactics and solutions​

Effective Search Engine Optimisation is not just a need – it’s a must.

Without a carefully planned and executed SEO campaign, your website, and its content will just get lost in the search results – and your sales message will just fade into the void of the internet, never to be seen by your target audience.

We can help get your business website ranked for the right keywords and get seen by the right people.

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Future-proofing your business​

Complacency will cost you a lot in the online business game. That is why you need to have a well-structured marketing system in place to ensure that gains do not stagnate, and losses are kept to a minimum.

Allow us to provide your business with email marketing campaigns that get you more leads, content marketing that gets you more traffic and conversions, and detailed sales funnels that allow you to track even the most minute of data.

This Is How We'll Take Your Business To The Top​

We like to keep things simple – but effective

Connect Your Business To The Right Prospects

Business success is measured by sales. And in order to get sales, you need to engage the right people.

We will conduct extensive market and competition research which will allow your business to present its product or services to the right people – the ones that are looking for solutions that you already have.

Improve Brand Awareness & Audience Scope

Your business has something to offer, and people need to hear about it.

Through eye-catching website designs that appeal to your target audience, coupled with engaging and SEO friendly content, we can help your audience grow – and with it, brand awareness and authority as well.

Converting Prospects to Customers

Generating leads is one thing; lead conversion on the other hand is a completely different story.

We can help you create convincing advertising campaigns that get people curious about your brand.

We will implement strategic marketing funnels that will provide you valuable data in understanding the persona of your leads. And most importantly, we will design professional-looking landing pages with powerful sales content to increase conversion rates.

Establish A Relationship With Your Target Market

An effective online marketing campaign does not end after a sale is made, nor is it just about return sales. It is a continuous and laborious process that runs 24/7 and should revolve around the idea of establishing a relationship with your target market.

We can provide you with email marketing templates that get read, social media management that improves the interaction between your audience and the business, and most importantly an effective reputation marketing campaign that can help cement your business as a leader in its industry.

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