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Why Do You Need IT Support?

As an e-commerce website, the ability of your business to get its sales message out, as well as how it does business with its customers, completely depends on your website functioning perfectly.

When a website goes down, business stops.

Potential customers won’t be able to read what could potentially be a blog post that answers their questions, your capture pages won’t be able to churn out leads, and eager customers won’t be able to purchase any of your products.

All of that doesn’t only hurt your revenue, but the image of your company as well.

Having an IT team on standby 24/7 not only ensures that your website is in tip-top shape. It’s also a contingency plan that prevents your competitors from stealing potential sales from you.

Benefits Of Having Your Own IT Support Team

With more Singaporeans doing business transactions online, e-commerce websites have become an invaluable asset for many businesses. And just like any business asset, important steps must be taken to protect its integrity.

Website maintenance is not a passive undertaking.

In order for a site to run properly, plugins need to be updated, networks must be checked, and files must be stored securely.

Having a competent team of IT professionals maintaining your website ensures that:

  • Network equipment like firewalls, routers, access points, switches, and etc are secure.
  • Cloud services are maintained and set up correctly.
  • There is always someone ready to provide advice on best practices for small office backup and security protocols.
  • There is someone to handle issues end-users might encounter with their PCs or Macs.
  • There is someone who can act as a middleman and deal with 3rd party software and hardware vendors.
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What Makes xSquare Your Best Option?

xSquare has been providing Singapore based SMB’s with IT infrastructure and support since 2008. We have a diverse client pool that spans multiple industries including manufacturing, engineering, education, retail, physiotherapy, accounting, and distribution. Our IT support specialization revolves around:

Office Network Management

  • We are able to maintain all network equipment like firewalls, routers, access points, switches, etc.
  • Provide office network security

IT Consultation

  • Provide advice about best practices for SMBs in IT matters like compliances, backup, security, IT procurements, software recommendation, software licensing, cloud services, etc.
  • • Act as a middleman in dealing with 3rd party software and hardware vendors.

PC and Server Support

  • Provide support for issues end-users might encounter with their PCs or Macs.
  • Provide support for Windows servers and help identify server issues and liaise with relevant parties like software and hardware vendors to rectify issues.

Cloud Services

  • Setup and maintain cloud emails for clients
  • Setup and maintain clients’ business website


  • Provide advice on best practices for small office backup and security solutions
  • Implementation and monitoring

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