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Why do you need a proper business website?

What do your potential clients think of your website?

Did you know?

75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design

Small businesses need a website. Period.

As small business owners, a website for your business should be one of the top priority to set up.

And it’s not just about having a simple website that’s akin to a brochure. By that I mean, a website shouldn’t just contain few paragraphs of text on about us, products and services, and contact information. That is what typical 95% of small businesses have on their website.

How are you going to attract and differentiate yourself to potential customers if everyone’s website is just the same?

Also, I imagine your top salesman to be someone who dresses smartly and charms your clients with good manners right. Likewise, your business website; which is the business’s 24×7 online salesman also needs to be to dress appropriately and have the speaks charmingly to your potential new customers, right?

What is a good business website?

In our opinion, a good business website is one that helps achieve business needs and goal that the company sets.

A realistic business goal for an SMB could be like:

  • Get 2-5 enquiries about your product/services monthly
  • Get 5-10 sales a month
  • Increase in the number of website visitors by 5% monthly
  • Reduce the frequently asked pre-sales/support questions by 50%

Well, the above are just examples of business goal for the website; typically these goals would need to be tracked and adjusted over time.

Why do you need a good business website?

If you’re serious about your business, this is one aspect of lead generation and marketing that you should focus on.

Everyone uses the internet these days. Your potential customers would want as much information as possible before making their purchasing decision. That means going on search engines to search for your brand, product or services.

If search engines aren’t aware of your website because it was poorly designed and does not comply to search engine optimisation, then you’ll be missing out on new customers.

Compare that to the 95% of typical business websites, how much advantage would you have over your competitors?

What does website design from xSquare comes with?

  1. Website designed with your business branding that is designed to meet your desired business goal
  2. Website care for 1 year- we handle all the backend and content update for your website so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty
  3. Continuous improvement for 1 year (quarterly online meetings).

How do we build your business website?

Research and Planning

Predesign work starts with research and planning. We would work with you to understand your business, your customers, your marketing strategy and goals for your website. Only with this knowledge, we can plan the design of the website to align with to your offline marketing strategy and meeting business needs for the website while also providing the best experience possible for your online customers.

Website Design and Development

Your website would be designed with user experience in mind and with your company’s branding. Development of the website would be search engine optimised and provide measurable data that we would be monitoring.

Kaizen (or Continuous Improvement)

Launching your new website is just the beginning.

Like any good business practice, any system needs constant monitoring and review so that the business goal is progressing in the right direction and as scheduled. Feedback from both users, site visitors, competitors reaction, search engines algorithm also play a part in shaping the ongoing strategy.

How much would you need to invest in the website?

Your new website design investment starts at SGD 3,000. This would cover the research, planning, website design and development work. For the first year, we would meet with you every quarter on kaizen (continuous improvement) to ensure that the business goal gets all the attention to meet the target.

Depending on the type of customisation and features that you need, the investment may rise.

Do reach out to us for a quotation.

What some of our customer's say

If you would like to get in touch with one of our existing clients for a reference, do get in touch and we will connect you with a client who is free to do so.

What do our customers say about us ?

Some kind words from past and Recent Clients

The experience dealing with xSquare is both direct and honest. It’s these attributes that I found lacking in most companies these days! Enjoyed working with you Wei Chun!!



SAGE Clinical Services

The nearly 7 years experience with you has been a smooth journey. Your professionalism have managed to bring up our IT infrastructure capable to support our operations. Thanks to Wei Chun and Chee Wai for the prompt, on and off site support and professional advice rendered.


YG Marketing Pte Ltd

Who would benefit most from our service?

We provide the highest return on investment for small and medium business who are already established, and are ready to expand the business on the digital space.

We typically would like to work directly with business owners or business managers who are able to make a decision on the web design project.

Preference would also be given if you’ve been referred by a client we’ve previously worked with.

Having said that, if you’re a solopreneur or have a startup business that needs a website, just reach out to us. If you’re a good fit, we would still be happy to help you out.

Talk to us about your business need.

Book a 15 minutes call us and let’s talk about your business need. 

There’s no obligation to engage us after the call and everything would be confidential. 

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